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Wilt Declared Republican Nominee for 26th House District

March 29, 2021

Harrisonburg – Delegate Tony Wilt (R-Broadway) released the following statement after being declared the Republican Nominee for the 26th House of Delegates District. Delegate Wilt was the only individual to file for the Republican nomination.

“I am pleased to stand for reelection as the Republican nominee for the 26th House District. It has been a privilege to serve the citizens of Harrisonburg and Rockingham and I would be honored to continue in that service.

“The last two years under complete one-party Democrat control has revealed why a check on this control is essential. As many of their ill-advised policies do not officially become effective for another few months, we have not even begun to realize the full scope of the majority’s actions.

“As achievement gaps widen as a result of school closures, the majority has failed to recognize the urgency of providing families the option for in-person education or put forward a plan to ensure we don’t leave behind a generation of students. When it comes to the economy and job growth, they adopted countless measures to add costly mandates and regulations on small businesses, many of whom are still struggling to survive because of the pandemic. This will result in fewer jobs being available in our Commonwealth and will harm the very individuals they claim to want to help. We have also seen time and again where the Democratic majority prioritizes violent offenders over the interest of crime victims and law enforcement. The Parole Board scandal has laid bare this reality.

“I will remain a voice of reason and if reelected along with a Republican majority will work to ensure students have the support they need as the pandemic ends. We will foster an economic environment that encourages, not discourages, job and wage growth. Finally, we need a criminal justice system that is fair and transparent, but not one that disregards crime victims or the policies that have made the Commonwealth among the lowest in violent crime and recidivism.

“I have enjoyed the opportunity to build relationships with countless community members and local officials over the years. Rest assured, if reelected I will continue to listen and learn about the challenges facing 26th District residents and seek out solutions to improve our Commonwealth. Despite differences, there are also areas where I will continue to work with my Democratic colleagues in a bi-partisan fashion to find solutions. Our efforts this past session to offer additional support for our farming community is just one example.

“I appreciate the strong support given to Vickie and me during the entire duration of my service in the House. In the effort to collect the necessary number of signatures to get on the ballot, we collected almost three times the amount needed prior to our self-imposed deadline. This is just one example of the overwhelming support for our campaign and demonstrates that citizens are anxious to see a change in leadership in Richmond.”

Delegate Wilt has represented the 26th House District in the Virginia General Assembly since 2010. The 26th District includes the City of Harrisonburg and part of Rockingham County.