Public Safety

Ensuring safe communities is a core function of government.  I stand in support of our men and women in blue that put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve. I have supported a number of initiatives to boost pay and ensure that we appropriately train and equip individuals that are willing to serve in law enforcement. However, we must always strive to do more for these individuals.

We need a criminal justice system that is fair and transparent, but not one that disregards crime victims or the policies that have made the Commonwealth among the lowest in violent crime and recidivism.

Instead of the approach we’ve seen the last two years where often even the most heinous criminals (rapists, murders and individuals that deal drugs to kids) have the opportunity to get back on the streets sooner and afforded additional relief with no regard to the interest of their victims,  we need a more thoughtful approach. This must be one that focuses on crime prevention while ensuring the most dangerous offenders serve their full sentences. We must also seek to provide services to those that may be suffering from mental health, substance abuse or other conditions before they are entangled with the criminal justice system. I’ve been proud to support and patron a number of initiatives that seek this approach.